Basics of storing sake
By Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits March 24, 2021

Three basic rules to store your sake properly.

Keep it away from sunlight

Sake is extremely vulnerable to direct sunlight.

UV radiation causes the components and colour of sake to change rapidly. It may even sometimes taint the fragrance, causing it to develop a burnt smell like singed hair.

Keep it in the right temperature

Changes in temperature really upset sake too. The worst place to keep sake would be, therefore, somewhere like the kitchen where the temperature changes all the time.

The ideal temperature is 5-6℃. If this is not possible, the next best option is a cool place that is below 15℃.

If you don’t have a dark (cool) place to store your sake, wrap each bottle in newspaper to prevent any light getting in.

Keep the bottle cap on

Sake’s biggest enemy is oxygen.

When sake comes into contact with oxygen, it oxidizes.

Ginjos, in particular, lose their fresh aromas and develop aromas of baked fruit, honey, caramel and dried fruit, which while perfectly acceptable in an aged sake, do not suit the delicate profile of a ginjo.

So, remember to never leave the bottle without a cap!

Now that you know how to store sake the correct way, time to stock up on the delightful brew at!

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