Beautiful benefits of whisky
By Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits May 25, 2021

After featuring the health benefits of whisky in our last two articles, let’s look at some surprising benefits of the beautiful kind.

Promotes weight loss

A source of iron, phosphorus, vitamins B1 and B3, and zinc, whisky has no carbohydrates and no fat. It contains very little sodium. The sugar in the drink is simple sugar, which is quickly processed by the body.

Whisky has fewer calories compared to other alcohols. A 30-millilitre serving of whisky contains 123 calories.

Whisky’s ellagic-acid content may also lower the risk of obesity.

Moderate beer drinkers tend to lose muscle tone and increase their “beer gut.” By switching to whisky, you can keep the pounds off while still having a good time.

For dieters, whisky is the perfect drink!

Improves skin health

Like most alcohols, whisky has killer antiseptic properties when used topically. This helps control excess oils and can dissolve dirt and bacteria off your skin.

Hence, whisky might just benefit your skin if used as a toner to tame pimples and acne.

The dehydrating properties of whisky help tighten your skin pores. Use it as a face pack - two teaspoons of whisky mixed with one egg white and a tablespoon of milk powder. Leave it for a while and then wash off with cold water. Milk powder helps thicken the mixture, while the combination of whisky and eggs reduces pores, prevents lines, thus giving you radiant, younger-looking skin!

Rejuvenate by getting rid of dead skin cells off your face with two teaspoons of milk and half a tablespoon of honey added to a tablespoon of whisky. Gently massage the mixture on your face for about 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water. This mixture also brings an even tone to your skin.

A word of caution: Alcohol can also be super drying and irritating to the skin.

Conditions hair, promotes regrowth

Whisky can be used as a conditioning mask for the hair to give you healthier and shinier hair. Mix an egg into whisky and use it all over your hair. After 15 minutes, wash and condition as usual.

A mixture of warm olive oil, one egg yolk and one teaspoon of whisky can promote quicker hair regrowth. This whisky-based hair mask works even on a bald head!

After spreading the mask over the scalp, put plastic wrap and a scarf over it. Leave on for 40 minutes to an hour. Then wash off.  You can do this heady treatment as frequently as you like!

Whether for using on your skin or hair, or for consuming, we have the whisky for your needs at our online store

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