Health benefits of sake
By Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits April 2, 2021

Dubbed “the king of all medicine”, sake has been believed to have health promoting effects.

High in nutrients

Since sake is a fermented drink, it retains almost all nutrients from ingredients and nutrients arising in the process of fermentation. It contains as many as 700 kinds of nutrients.

Improves blood circulation

Sake has a blood circulation boosting effect that works for stiff shoulders and cold sensitivity. It keeps your body temperature about 2℃ higher than usual for a longer period of time compared with other alcoholic beverages. Improved blood circulation in the skin also helps nutrients reach every part of your body.

Some effects sake is considered to have against lifestyle diseases include helping to:

  • prevent or fight cancer – being high in amino acids, which inhibits the growth of tumours
  • prevent cardiac and cerebrovascular disease – by preventing blood clots and reducing cholesterol
  • prevent diabetes – with an insulin-like activator which helps resolve a shortage of insulin
  • prevent high blood pressure – with nine types of peptides that inhibit the enzymes which, if activated in excess, cause high blood pressure
  • prevent osteoporosis – as amino acids strengthen skeletal muscles
  • prevent Parkinson’s – because of compounds like selenium, a mineral that helps prevent degenerative illnesses
  • prevent Alzheimer’s – with three types of peptides that help inhibit PEP, the main culprit of the disease
  • prevent depression
  • reduce stress
  • increase good (HDL) cholesterol
Wards off allergies

Sake features several compounds that inhibit an enzyme that triggers histamine response, meaning routine consumption of hot sake or cold sake may reduce allergic reactions to pollen, dust mites, and many foods as well.

Easy on the stomach

Compared to most alcoholic beverages, sake has very low amounts of the acids responsible for sour stomachs. It’s also low in sulphites, another culprit in bad stomach reactions to alcohol, such as experienced in hangovers.

It should be emphasised that the benefits only apply to light drinkers. No expert recommends non-drinkers to consume alcohol for their health. Many of the associated benefits are better achieved through healthy lifestyle choices.

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