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Hitotsubu No Mugi
Everything you expect out of a barley shochu and more. Full of umami and barley flavours, with a sharp top note in the aroma and light fragrance of wheat at the base. It has creamy, buttery of quality that makes people difficult to stop drinking
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Kakutama Imo Shochu
Distilled from sweet potato which produced in Kagoshima prefecture, where sweet potatoes have been widely cultivated since Edo period. This shochu has soft mouthfeel yet huge presence of Imo aroma and umami. Clean aftertaste.
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SAITO Shochu
SAITO SHOCHU is rice Shochu, made in kyoto, Japan. The low temperature fermentation with distillation under reduced pressure and "Fushimizu" water used give this shochu mild and fruity flavour with clean finish. It can be matached with foods making use of the original taste of ingredients.
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SAITO Aged Shochu
SAITO AGED SHOCHU is premium aged Shochu made from rice. 5 years storage in tank and 1 year storage using oak barrel and brandy barrel give this shochu rich flavour and special aroma such as sweet vanilla. It is recommendable for "on the rocks" and "with soda". It can be matached with fried foods and strong taste dishes.
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Tomino Hozan
Like many imo shochus, this one has that earthy nose. Fresh dirt. A hint of wild flowers. What makes it unique from others is the yellow koji which gives it much more floral aroma and palate. A hint of buttery mouthfeel accompanies the pleasantly sweet floral taste. Drinking with mix of hot water really opens up the flavor.
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