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We believe nothing is as precious as time. Its passing can be measured, but its value cannot. so, we'll keep moving at our own pace, to create extraordinary whiskey, creating impressions that stand the test of time

Taking advantage of a secret waterfall, generations of the Connell family made illicit spirit in the wooded hills behind where our distillery stands today. Our legal status may have changed but we still u se water from the same hills today, connecting us to our origins like a river to its source. 

Patience is rewarded

In the stillness of our quiet glen, nothing is rushed and every stage of our whiskey making process is given as long as it needs. Uniquely-shaped stills nurse the simmering wash during the longest distillation of any scottish whiskey, prolonged contact with the copper coaxing sweet and fruity notes from the gently rolling vapours.

That’s why our Barley is only ever dried by air, allowing the true Glencoyne spirit to shine through

What we carry

12 Years

paradise of flavours


respect for tradition

Cask Strength

un-chillfiltered, unfussed & untamed

18 Years

luxurious mouthfeel

21 Years

Perfect after dinner or, frankly, anytime

25 Years

bright amber beauty

30 Years

exceptional character

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