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Our unique blend of 5 handpicked Celtic botanicals & 6 classic gin botanicals are distilled in the world's only working Copper Berry Chamber to extract maximum flavour. That’s not just ingenious, that’s Gin Genius.

Caorunn {pronounced ‘ka-roon’} is inspired by the Gaelic word for ‘Rowan Berry’. What’s in a name, we hear you ask? The humble rowan berry is one of five unique Celtic botanicals that are at the heart of our gin. We use Scotland’s natural pantry to hand-forage the rowan berry along with our four other Celtic botanicals; all of which can be found within a ten-minute walk of the distillery. We then pair these with six traditional gin botanicals, to create our genius recipe. Clever, eh?

We don’t stop there though. As we are the only gin in the world to be distilled in a working Copper Berry Chamber. This unique process allows us to extract maximum flavour from our botanicals and sets us apart from the rest. That’s not just ingenious, that’s Gin Genius. 

Unique Process

Our small-batch distillation process uses a Copper Berry Chamber created in the US, back in the 1920s. The sole purpose of this chamber was to extract essential oils as a base to create perfumes, but what does this mean for crafting gin you might ask? 

Well, using the Copper Berry Chamber to distil our gin means the copper works by reacting with the fragrances of our botanicals, extracting maximum flavour to create perfectly balanced and delicious gin.

What we carry

Caorunn Raspberry Gin

Caorunn Blood Orange Gin​

Caorunn Gin

Caorunn Gin Highland Strength

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