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Nicolas Feuillatte. A champagne of visionaries

It’s a beautiful story, a story of men. That of Henri Macquart, pioneer founder of the Centre Vinicole de la Champagne [The Champagne Wine Centre]. That of Nicolas Feuillatte, a daring businessman. That of volunteer winegrowers who, together, dare and succeed in a gamble to create a brand of excellence, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte.

Our Champagnes

Drawing their strength and full flavours from a remarkable array of crus, enhanced by the subtle art of blending, Nicolas Feuillatte champagnes reflect the harmony, finesse and freshness of this unique region. An extensive variety of perfectly ripe grapes make up the champagnes in our range, vinified individually by cru or by area and by grape variety, together with a meticulous selection of Grands Crus and Premiers Cru. The mosaic of soils sculpt wonderfully nuanced champagnes.

What we carry


Nicholas Feuillatte Reserve Exclusive Brut

Available in Regular, Magnum, Jeroboam, Mathusalem, Salamanazar, and Balthazar sizes

Nicholas Feuillatte Reserve Exclusive Rose

Nicholas Feuillatte Grand Cru de Noirs

Nicholas Feuillatte Cuvee Palmes D'or

Nicholas Feuillatte Cuvee Palmes D'or Rose

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