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The land of the purest water sources in Japan

In order to delicately utilize the diversity of nature’s bounty with our pure water, we made the bold choice of using six different potstills in one distillery, which is unique worldwide.
With meticulous Japanese craftsmanship and world class technology, we create one-of –a-kind beautiful gin infusing multi-layered citrus aroma that all intermingle in harmony

Our Flavours

Carefully selecting the varieties of ingredients researched and cultivated in our distillery harvesting the blessings at the very best timing to pull out the full delightful flavor, developing and combining original yeast with Kirin group technologies with the passion of bringing out Japan‘s most innovative shochu to the world, and finally using only enough water picked in the morning for the day production …all the delicate ant thorough process brings you a new encounter with a new type of sake that delicately creates and maximizes the appealing aroma of the diverse raw materials of Japanese agricultural splendors

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Yatsu Boshi

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