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The first cognac aged in steam-toasted barrels

A young Norwegian, who’s eager to explore the world, leaves his home shore at the age of 24 on a ship destined for the Americas.

But a long stopover in Bordeaux to repair the boat changes his destiny forever. Determined to earn some money before resuming his travels, Jens Reidar quickly finds a job in a small town a little further north, famous for the quality of its eau-de-vie. He meets and subsequently marries a local girl. Thus Cognac becomes his home port. America will have to wait and a new adventure begins.

Before long, Jens Reidar discovers yet another passion, one for cognac and the diversity of its soils. He quickly becomes an expert, learns about the well-kept secrets of the cellar masters and explores the treasure of their cognacs. From this experience, the original signature of Larsen Cognac is born in 1926.

About us

Larsen Cognac is created for those who are explorers at heart, who are on a mission to learn new things and find new perspectives. For those who seek excitement in unexpected places, a great cognac is always a discovery. We have believed in this since 1926, and it still holds true today.

What we carry


Louis Chevalier XO


Larsen XO Reserve

Larsen Viking Black Pearl

Larsen Viking Matt Grey

Larsen Viking Gold Class

Larsen Viking Ocean Green

Larsen Viking Gold Sculpture

Larsen Viking 90th Anniversary

Larsen Viking Marble Ruby

Come Back Again

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