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Small gestures to obtain wines which are faithful to their plot by actively contributing to the balance of our farming systems

In 1981, Mas Martinet, a life project and a dream come true, was born. The brand is fruit of the passion of Josep Lluís Pérez and Montse Ovejero for knowledge, for the method… It means transfer, generational replacement, continuity, persistence, back and forth process… Josep Lluís, Montse, Sara, Núria, Adrià, Marc, Jordi, Armando, Pilar… the whole family involved in the project, along with a great team (not because of the number of people, but because of their humanity), turn Mas Martinet into a sustainable, humane and drinkable project.

Our Philosophy

We are always looking for new points of view, with a culture based on balance, sustainability and harmony with nature.
We are committed to tradition, to the environment and to people. We recover some varieties and reinvent some processes and materials under the principles of agroecology and minimum intervention with the maximum respect for the people who work on it. We stand up for an ecofeminist and cross-cutting view of the world.

What we carry


Martinet Bru

Clos Martinet

El Escurons

Cami Pesseroles

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Come Back Again

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